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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Life has been incredibly busy! Taking a few days off, though, and thought I’d add some new products to the store. Feel free to look around!

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Perception is Everything

A few days ago I was stopped for a traffic light at a very busy intersection. I was the first in line, waiting to turn left, and as I waited not so patiently for the green light, I heard the driver behind me honking his horn. I glanced in the rear view mirror and he was gesturing in a manner that suggested that I should go. I was instantly aggravated…didn’t he see that the light was red?? What did he want me to do, run it and risk a ticket? I had not been paying close attention to the traffic rotation, but the light did seem to be taking a bit long to turn. However, I wasn’t about to budge.

Finally, the green turn signal came. I got through the intersection and into the far right lane as I picked up speed. But that vehicle pulled up close beside me, causing me to worry about such things as road rage. I sped up, but so did the vehicle. I slowed down and glared behind me to see why the driver was dogging me. Immediately, the driver picked up his speed and passed me, swinging into my lane just a few feet ahead of me. I slowed to put distance between us, my heart pounding with all sorts of potential murderous acts he could be plotting.

Unfortunately for me, he turned the same direction I needed to go at the next intersection. Traffic around us had thinned out, and as luck would have it, he slowed down to the point that I had to pass him. I did so quickly, but he pulled abreast of me again and was motioning with his hand and saying something that I couldn’t lip read. I slowed down again and as he pulled ahead, he rolled down his window. My heart stopped. A thousand thoughts floated instantly through my head and I was looking for a turn-off to get away from him.

His hand came out the window…thank God it was empty…and he started pointing downward and backward several times.  Then he rolled up his window and moved on. What was he telling me? To get behind him? Was he mad because I had passed him? Should I call 911??

By the time I got home I was still shaken. I got out of my car and walked around to the back to pick up my groceries. Then I saw it. And I immediately knew what all the past 15 minutes or so with that other driver had been about. I felt foolish, too. Wow. All that fuss and panic was over the gas cap cover that I forgot to close after I had gassed up 20 minutes earlier. He was trying to HELP me by letting me know I had left it open.

In today’s world, it pays to be cautious because you never know what kind of crazy person might be on the other side of things waiting for you. But in this case, this driver was trying to be helpful and because I was too cautious (and more realistically aggravated because of that first honk of his horn), I allowed my fear to control my rational thoughts and create some huge stress in my head. Relief flooded me as I realized I hadn’t just tied up with a lunatic, but someone who was genuinely concerned for me…but maybe hadn’t used his own efforts wisely since I was a lone female in a car who might be on guard from all things evil!

All that to say this: perception is everything. My mindset was created as soon as that first horn honk came at me. That guy used his horn to get my attention, but I allowed it to get my attention in the wrong way. I preconceived his intent and I was wrong. All his subsequent actions were filtered through my FIRST thoughts about what he wanted, perpetuating the problem instead of searching for the facts and standing on the truth. Going forward, I pray the Holy Spirit will help me see past my first impressions and knee-jerk reactions and help me discern what the truth of the matter is rather than my perception of the truth.

Here’s my December calendar if you are following the series…enjoy and have a Merry Christmas! Download the free printable 4″ x 6″ desk calendar here.

Free Printable 4 x 6 Desk Calendar

Free Printable 4 x 6 Desk Calendar


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Overcoming Fear

A young male husky mix dog has taken up residence at my apartment complex. I think I glimpsed him about three weeks ago…something white-ish moved in the wooded area behind one of the dumpsters and I just assumed it was a cat — we have several of those running loose around here. Then, last week while I was out walking Zoe, I saw him just a few feet away as he was traveling at the tree line on the backside of the complex. He stopped and looked at me, acting as if he wanted to approach but since Zoe is afraid of larger dogs, particularly the husky breed, I didn’t encourage him. I’ve seen him several other times since then and it breaks my heart to see him out there exposed to the elements and ribs showing because he’s not getting enough food.

From a spiritual perspective, how many of us are like that skittish pup walking the fence-line, afraid to approach God and to allow Him to feed us, shelter us and keep us from harm? Instead of trusting that our Father will not hurt us, we skirt the edges of His outstretched arms which are beckoning us to come to Him. Maybe we think we’re better off on our own. Maybe we’ve been hurt by something – or someone – and our trust level is zero. Maybe we’re just not sure of what will happen if we “surrender” to that outstretched hand.

What if we overcame our fear and eagerly sought out His touch? What if we gladly accepted His nourishment and found shelter underneath the shadow of His wings? What if we took just one step of faith and allowed trust to rise again in our hearts? Let’s cast off fear and stop dancing around the peripheral edge of God’s protection and unparalleled love and mercy. The Lord is our strength and our salvation, and if you need to be reminded of that download this free printable desk calendar here, and remember to praise Him for His goodness!

Free 4 x 6 Printable Desk Calendar

Free Printable 4 x 6 Desk Calendar

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It’s Fall, Ya’ll!

I’m so glad that fall has arrived. Although we don’t get the vivid colors like places north of us, after the grueling heat of the summer it’s a refreshing season for the south as cooler temperatures finally begin to settle in.  In recent days we’ve had just a foretaste of the cooler air and it’s been pleasant to walk Zoe without the heavy, oppressive stickiness that this region is so accustomed to having.

I’m also glad that I’m settling in to my new apartment in Pensacola. I’m still organizing and putting things away and developing my new routine, but traveling back and forth to Mobile on weekends has slowed my progress. I’m very grateful, though, that I don’t have the 50 mile times two daily trek anymore. Leaving that behind has been a tremendous blessing!

This month’s calendar is up early, so enjoy it and let it be a reminder that the LORD is our Rock. When the war rages, it is HE who has prepared us for the battle! Download your copy here.

Free 4 x 6 Printable October 2015 Calendar


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